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"Student Brain Protection" is the online registration service for students to prove the origin of their copyright worldwide.

Students can use the registration system to prove they were the first to create and/or are the legal owners/developers of a particular work since they registered the 'intellectual property' at a certain moment in time.

In many cases, and in most countries, you automatically acquire Copyright when you create your work. But how can you prove it existed at that moment? Register at - and
we can provide that proof!

The content of a registration can be used as evidence in a court of law to prove origin of Copyright.

Media:  : Concepts, Designs, (RTV) Formats, Photo’s, AV.
Software:  : Source code, Web pages & Complete sites, etc
Wetenschap:  : Data, Logs & Journals, R&D, Calculations.

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Patent aanvraag?
File-Reg is not a patent or trademark office.
But, one of the benefits of File-Reg is that you can prove you have actually carried out the research and development in developing your product. We do have links to copyright, trademark and patent offices worldwide.

Fraud prevention
The File-Reg system prevents fraud since any changes in registered documents can be detected.

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