What is File-Reg


What is file-reg?
File-Reg International was founded in 2000 to provide a legal, affordable and secure method for the online registration of Intellectual Property other then Patent or Trademarks through the use of PKI technology incorporating Personal Digital Certificates, Digital Fingerprints and Digital Time Stamps.

What are we not?
File-Reg International is not a patent or trademark office.
But we do offer links to patent and trademark offices worldwide

File-Reg International Team

Mr. Brian Hoolahan: Founder and CEO.

Mr. Pieter M. Wiegman: Lawyer, specializing in Intellectual property.

Mr. Michael W.J.M. Pullens MBA, MMC: Specializing in Business administration.

Mr. Denis P.M. Maessen MMC: Specializing in business strategy.

Mr. Leon H.M. Heemskerk RC: Financial control.

Mr. Tako Johannesma: MBA: Marketing specialist.

No Limits
There is no limit to the type or size of file you can register!

There is no limit to the amount of registrations you make after becoming a member.

Judicial Evidence
With the registration system we can prove your 'intellectual property' existed at the moment you registered it. AND we can prove that in a court of law!!

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